From July till October on the territories of the Peninsula’s nature reserves, there are unique opportunities for amateur and professional photograph of brown bears. You will have the possibility of photographing these animals from vantage points, standing at eye level with the bears, sometimes over a very close distance. A group of guests is always accompanied by an experienced guide and a ranger of the Reserve, who are responsible for safety.  

It is also a great possibility to take photos of foxes, reindeer, and Steller’s Sea Eagle. And of course Kamchatka offers an immense perspective for landscape photography.


It is possible to combine in one tour the trips which present exactly your points of interests. There are varied choices of excursions and tours: climbing volcanoes (active and dormant), historical and ethnographic excursions, helicopter trips, boat cruises and rafting with fishing, horseback-riding, quad biking, visiting geothermal hot springs. Besides you can take part in a gourmet trip and taste any and all possible Kamchatka culinary delights. 

A perfect period for trips is from June to September, but winter fanciers will also find something they adore: ski, snowmobile trips, and dog sledding become more and more popular with each year. 


Working with Explore Kamchatka, our partner of nearly 20 years, our company has gained extensive experience of working on projects with different national  and international TV-companies. Among our clients there are National Geographic, ВВС, Spiegel TV, Colourfield, Nutopia, Silverback, MBC, NOVA, CANADIAN BROADCASTING, ARTE, and NTV. We perfectly understand specifics of such work and we establish all conditions for successful project arrangements 


Ski tour in Kamchatka is a breath-taking opportunity to plunge into a Kamchatka winter fairy-tale and to find oneself alone with the pristine wilderness of this peninsula. Ascending and descending the most beautiful mountain tops, crisp air, an opportunity to bathe in geothermal hot springs will definitely give unforgettable impressions after the trip. 

Most of the ski-tours start with a transfer to a base-camp by snowmobiles and accommodation in tents. From those points day trips are organized. However it is possible to make radial or circular routes with the accommodation in tourist huts on some route locations. 

The perfect period for these trips is March to May. 


Would you like to set off for a sea cruise?
We offer ones of the most interesting tours around the Russian Far East and Chukotka Autonomous Region. 
You get a chance to see marvelous wildlife including marine mammals and birds of this region. There will be landings by zodiacs on the territories which belong to nature reserves and places of historical significance, acquaintance with the culture of indigenous Northern people, lectures and communication with the people who hold similar views from different countries of the world who are aboard the expedition ships “Professor Khromov” and “Academik Shokalskiy”.   


The wild Pacific salmon, crystal-clear mountain rivers and delightful the eye landscapes – all of these attract fishermen to Kamchatka from the entire world. The fishing season starts in June and finishes in October. During this time it is possible to catch such species as king salmon, sock-eye salmon, humpback salmon (pink salmon), chum salmon, silver salmon (coho salmon), grayling, loach and also one of the most interesting species of salmon – rainbow trout. 

The tours can be different – include accommodation at stationary tent camps (with on-sites to spits for fishing) and rafting down river (fishing on the way and stops over night in a tent camp). During sea fishing there is a chance to catch flat fish, rock fish, cod, and halibut.  


We can organize your rest at the most pleasant and comfortable level, responding to your requirements, so we offer: 

- accommodation in the best hotels of the peninsula; 

- the most delicious cuisine; 

- providing with premium class transport; 

 - support by experienced tour guides.  


What do you think about an idea to team up a group of people in a walking tour with real tourist rucksacks and stops for over night accommodations in tents? 
Climbing volcanoes, bathing in geothermal hot springs, singing the songs around the campfire and many other things – all of this your colleagues will definitely remember. 
Or maybe the optimum variant for you is accommodation in a Hotel Resort with an opportunity to organize a cocktail dinner and conferences and also one-day team-building events – whether it is climbing the volcano, rafting, quad biking or master-class how to salt caviar. The opportunities of business team building travel are various in Kamchatka and we can help with our vast experience in organizing all these types of tours.