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Rafting with Fishing in Kamchatka

fishing lamchatkaKamchatka is a very beautiful part of the world. It is known for its natural wonders and abundance of animal life. There are a lot of rivers in Kamchatka and of course there are a lot of fish and everybody coming here likes not only to travel around Kamchatka but also to go fishing. Fishing amateurs will like our rivers because some kinds of fish (King Salmon) can be about 1.20 m in length and up to 30 kg in weight. The Avacha River, the Bystraya River, the Karakovaya river and the Opala river are the most interesting rivers for rafting. And do not be anxious, even if you are new to rafting, our professional guides will help you.

TOUR #14 - Karakovaya River – Valley Of Geysers- Opala River

TOUR #2 - Nalychevo, Gorely and Mutnovsky Volcanoes, Bystraya River

TOUR #3 - Tolbachik Volcano, Nalychevo, Esso,Bystraya River

TOUR #4 - Tolbachik Volcano, Nalychevo, Bystraya River

TOUR #8 - Gorely - Mutnovsky- Avachinsky Volcanoes, Avacha River

Attention! We organize fishing in the following periods (you can see it in the table). If you are an angler and if you are interested you can attach to these groups.

Kamchatka program



Rods (size of group)

Icha river
Rainbow, char, silver salmon

4.09 - 17.09
13.09 - 26.09

$ 2850


Pymta river
Rainbow, char, silver salmon

27.09 - 6.10

$ 2600


Kolpakova river
King salmon

5.06 - 13.06

$ 2850


Rainbow, char, silver salmon

19.07 - 30.07

$ 2400




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