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TOUR #5 - Kronotsky Reserve

Tour Duration: 15 days.
Time of travel :
July - September
Recommended Group size:
Mode of Travel:
coach, 6WD bus, on feet, helicopter
Type: Extreme

Tour Highlights
Extremely wild landscapes, flora and fauna of the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve.
The Uzon Volcano Calderas.
The Valley of the Geysers


DAY 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk . Transfer and accommodation at the Paratunka Hot Springs resort.
DAY 2. Drive by 6WD bus to Milkovo (300 km). Visit to Lore Museum . Drive by 6WD bus to the Kirganik river (30 km). Set up a camp.
DAY 3. Trek to the Kitildin river (26 km).
DAY 4. Trek to the Osipovskaya river (8 km).
DAY 5. Trek to the Three Streams glade (19 km).
DAY 6. Trek to the Pravaya Zupanova River pass (19 km).
DAY 7. Trek to the Pjedestal mountain (18 km).
DAY 8. Trek to the Siny Dol (20 km).
DAY 9. Trek to the Uzon Volcano Calderas. Excursion to the Calderas.
DAY 10. Trek to the Sestrenka river (1,5 km from the Valley of the Geysers). Set up a base camp.
DAY 11. Excursion to the Valley of the Geysers.
DAY 12. Trek to the Shumnaya river (24 km).
DAY 13. Helicopter flight to Paratunka. Accommodation in the resort.
DAY 14. Reserve day (for cases of improper weather) or relaxation in the resort.
DAY 15. Visit to a fish market for caviar and salmon. Departure



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